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Restoration Outfitting of Historic

Wooden Canoes..



The charm of a wooden canoe is that it may live forever. You may remember your family, in one of these wooden canoes, by a cottage, lake, going down rivers or up a creek. Excursion for the most experienced, on moving waters and the feel and movement of the craft on a lake, makes the wooden canoe more personal enjoyable & pleasant. Wooden canoes are a breach true time that makes us dream, of the way things that use to be, a time full of simple joys. It is our pleasure to see these wooden canoes, so we offer a free Estimate if you bring your wooden canoe over to our shop. Cost is on a variable basis as every boat is a gem and need special care by itself. But leaving these memories to your youth may be a gift that the future generations themselves will appreciate, never forgotten even if on a wall display, or well used on our heritage waters. May these wooden canoes of wilderness bonds be enjoyed in our future!




We estimate each wooden canoe by their special needs as they all have different characteristics. If you deliver the wooden canoe to the shop in Moncton free estimates.

Call before dropping by 506-862-9581

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