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Restigouche River Map








Foreword: / Preface:

Before you attempt any of these Rivers, please use due diligence while paddling &

We strongly suggest you approach a local paddling groups bellow before attempting our Rivers in beautiful New Brunswick!


Veilliez contactez nos groupes de canotage locaux, mentionnez ci-dessous; avant vos descentes. Il est fortement conseilliez de prendre votres temps, et prudence lors de vos descentes. Bonne descente dans notre belle province du Nouveau-Brunswick !








Thanks to these paddling group for support! Your mandate and your guidance on our waterways in N.B. is always welcomed. To you and all others a big thanks is in titled!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Un gros merci aux Clubs qui suivent; pour de nombreuses excursions, leurs bonnes éducations en temps que guide, donc l’aide aux mandats de canotage  au N-B. est apprécié. Vous et tous autres, dont ils savent qui ils sont; un merci à titres !








Thanks to the team at Canoe Restigouche for input of the map!


Merci à l'équipe Canoë Restigouche, pour l'élaboration de cette carte!









Thanks to the River Runners of Westmorland, & Others that know who they are!

Looking for canoe maps of N.B. paddling routes, please contact us at Fiddlehead Canoes.  Help suggest & participate in making pleasant paddling with these guides happen in N.B. Maps of paddling in our beautiful Province of New Brunswick are available here and on the Explorer app for ArcGIS on your smart devices. This Website is Computer friendly but not Smart phone or tablet oriented!   

On going gratitude goes to Canoe Restigouche for us all along with  us at Fiddlehead Canoes

you may contact them for guidance @

Other collaboration are underway for these people looking forward to work with you & a future thank you will be in hand!

New development always welcomed, please send me your: contact name, phone along with logo and website link if a sponsor; if you wish to organize a new map of a paddling in New Brunswick please be ready to paddle and correct drafts of waterways near you! Regards  REYJAL Remi: Geomatics Specialist , Apprentice Forester, Forest Technologist & Owner of Fiddlehead Canoes


Vous êtes bienvenue, à nous aider à l'élaboration de nouvelles Cartes? Contactez-nous:

Canoe Restigouche @

Fiddlehead Canoes @



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