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Designs and models 


We at Fiddlehead Canoes offer you, 20 blades and 20 handle designs. A price that starts at $169.00. These designs combined to offer you a better fit. We also try and create dreams and experiences, based on our expertise in woodworking.  We strive at perfection, in balance & harmonious designs that strive to make the everyday paddle, a pleasant adventure. As a pair in a good practical sense as you don't know where waters will bring you?  Some features may enhance the feel and handle like an oval shaft, balanced blade ratio to shafted handle, oiled or varnished even combination of both, Many more features on demand where our imagination strives for all artist in us.  Combination of oil varnish or fiber-glass tips may improve the durability and efficiency of paddles.


Many paddles and choice!



Mahogany Paddle.





Walnut Kayak Paddle.



Bent Shaft Stand up Paddle.







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Thumb hook  Handled

on Black Walnut lumber

Beaver Tail Paddle Blade.