First and formost Thank you! Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, you all have worked on promoting Wooden Canoes for us all. This work, is crucial to preserving the art.
I personally learn a great deal from you. To a special person: William Victor Miller 3rd ,He took me in taught me what I know.. Bill is my teacher, mentor and friend; if not for his guidance I would not be where I am. With Gratitude William Victor Miller at Miller Canoes Thank you for all you have done!!!


Also a warm thanks, to the following groups bellow; for promoting and practicing paddling in N.B. Our rivers need guidance for safe & pleasant trips, with ought you all  & others whom know who they are this would not be possible.
Thank You!


Special Acknowledgment

!!Wooden Canoe Outfitters at its best in beautiful New Brunswick Canada!!

DSC04197.jpeg greeted me, after graduating from high school 2001. While I wanted to be a Wooden Boat Carpenter, the courses in North America were not accessible in Eastern Canada.


So I did some research, While contacting an handfuls of builders in NB, While finding an article true Salt Scapes magazine: Bill Miller took me in, while I had no idea what I was going to experience; I was Greeted by: Rusty, Willma his mom & The Canoe Builder himself. I was treated to a camp on the Tobique, first class no questions asked. Where daily crossing by wooden canoe was a tradition, with my pedal bike to get to the shop a few miles over. Took my bath at dark in the local swimming hole, the forks was cold but clean;-) That was luxury for me, while building my first wooden Canoe bright and early. As a young man that needed to sleep in  never missed a morning as Bill his a good teacher & his stories were interesting, Ask him about his memory and poems and tales of the world on end 


Back to Canoes the model I chose was Bill creation: the Chickadee” a 17 footer with weekend capability, a canoe with easy solo manoeuvring while seating upside down in it you can dance on water with it. This is a world class wooden canoe only topped by few models in the World..


While learning the wooden canoe basics, Bill helped me never lose hope his guidance is appreciated in Wooden Canoe craftsmanship. My wooden canoes was completed in 2001, before we headed to the Chapter of Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Festival in Millinocket Maine USA for Aug 24-27th. William I am proud you turned back while driving to NY after we receive the call! Proud to have a mentor that saw potential in me, you never gave up. Showed me what a man can be, he dedicated himself to the arts and culture of Canadian heritage, raised me 

in the Sash real which is a privilege. Accepting me for who I am; William I have my colours and need to build a Sash as well one day. We built a friendship, not to mention his close family and friends were a good part of my uprising. Like you said it takes a village to raise a child! Even tough we like to think you are always right, a-lot of Canoes would not exist with-ought your Knowledge & mariners carpentry hands.


His knowledge taught me Canoe engineering: Nature structures, Wood species with the applications, Wood tech, Millwright work, rough sawing, Assembling, Detailing, Fixing, Stripping, Finishing and striving for perfection. & So much more. 

ex: Why we use cedar - what parts or planks not to use rot or knots, along on how to approach the wood grain, towards having a good finish at the processing levels; cuts, plannings and sanding to have a finished product faster & more efficient. I still learn from him to this day”


The years grew by & I discovered a part of Miller that most don't have a privilege to see, I stood by your side: believe in you, as the holds: Order of the Arts of NB "Queens Double Jubilee Order of the Arts". William you received it before my time, proud of you! Culture like Music which he incorporated a seeded idea of fiddling down the Tobique river, all while in canoes… This became known as “Fiddles on the Tobique” which many good time came about & about. Took my time back home and hurried back every excuse to be there... Photography is another one of his passions too many photos on your desktop. You contribution in arts and taste collected compliments is taste in many other carpentry and mediums in artisanship.  Not to mention his fine stories & insight of history. I got to know many of your puppies.


Bill I feel blessed to have meet you, hope you remember all those god days. While observing & learning & having a privilege of helping you I see an uncle figure. The shop is missed dearly which is a real charming place in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada. The best Star gazing place in NB to that matter. William thanks for making me a better person! I respect what you taught me, Hope you build that birch bark canoe you want even if you have to wait 100 years before you find the right birch tree!


With Gratitude William Victor Miller III you are one of Canada’s most sought out Wooden Canoes Outfitters A mentor & almost family to a-lot of us! For all the other volunteers friends & them how know whom they are, A paddle stands for you all as well!


Don't need to leave Nictau N.B. William, you are always welcomed to Moose call anytime


Fiddlehead Canoes

Last my person Reyjal Remy as an Artisan and Engineer, I feel bless that I built this company: Fiddlehead Canoes is my creation, offered true my interests & continuing learning & my privilege to be here as a Canadian. My hard work and my creations goes out to you all, for your support expressed over the years: To those whom know who they are, with gratitude Reyjal Remy owner of Fiddlehead Canoes, Offered a well deserved Grateful  warm Thank you!!