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Fiddlehead Canoes





Fiddlehead Canoes, Situated in Beautiful New Brunswick on the Eastern shores of the Maritimes in Canada:

I like to believe the wooden canoe came from here. 

More a traditional, native craft with modern influence by European settlers.

One of the oldest methods of transportation still used today.

Towards exploring our waterways.

The wooden canoe bridges time, for over 1000+ years; in many continents.

Wooden canoes portray North America at its best.

First Nations knowledge exchanged between cultures.

They are art pieces by themselves; kind of like a piece of history mirroring time on water reflections. 

Conventionally traditionally handcrafted to this day.

Fiddlehead Canoes strives for perfection.

This piece of craftsmanship makes us all dream, dream of an untamed wilderness to explore.

Dreams that the world still needs to be discovered.

A journey left to discover!

A thing that our forefathers and mothers delegated to us.

Connections between history and the moment which is".

This is why we Outfit, and think wooden canoes, for you from us at its best!

Happy and Safe paddling

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You are welcomed to donate. You the supporters with every kind gestures make a difference. For Ex: the N.B. Paddling maps are offered true donations and volunteering. These projects offer a pleasant and safe paddling on our Canadien rivers for all. 
Thanks to You the contributors, a trust in the, makes us humble and proud!


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Canadian artisanship at its best & made in Beautiful New Brunswick.





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Established in Nictau N.B. summeer 2001 ,
Registered   © on  the 11 of November, 2011...

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